Shane Stirling Co.

Shane Stirling

Director. Designer. Storyteller.

Stirling is a classically trained visual artist with an approach that is as dynamic as it is polished. His music video direction perennially achieves high rotation placements while consistently topping charts and countdowns. His design work has seen him define national retail environments, market legendary cultural icons and present iconic brands in a inspiring and authentic manner. His penchant for trendsetting has seen him tapped by such cultural and commercial powerhouses as Nike, Ecko Unltd. and New Era to connect with youth culture and early adapters.

His imagery is deftly crafted by connecting bold, broad strokes with the intricacies of culture, lifestyle and authenticity. Nothing goes unnoticed, no detail is arbitrary, nothing is placed in frame without purpose, Stirling’s strength is his ability to produce refined, penetrating visuals. For Stirling, art and commerce are not mutually exclusive.

Thriving in the face of challenges, this cultural conduit has proven his ability to work within budgetary constraints opting to find opportunity for creation versus confinement. A product of his organically eclectic interests and his lifelong commitment to mending artistry with vision, he walks the fine line between feeding popular sensibilities and defining new ones. Stirling taps the timelessness in each project and potential greatness in each opportunity.

He is as authentic in his skill set and experience as he is in his unbridled lust to create lasting impressions.